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I am a Tech educator, IT professional and an entrepreneur with a long list of hobbies and interests.

Here is a quick fact about my place of birth and where I am now:

                                                    Source: http://www.happyzebra.com


 Obviously, I have come a long way.

New Jersey is my home now but Edison keeps my India memories bright and clear.

Academically, I have spent over 8 years in institutions of higher learning in India and the US. I am always fascinated by math and physics, memory and brain, music and art. The past and the future.

In terms of career, I started out in payroll admin, moved to retail banking and then commercial lending before shifting gears to fintech. I managed a small data center for a bank, developed a BI system for another. After relocating to the New York metro area, worked on the trading floor, and then for a couple of investment banks. Then I took a leap of faith from finance/microsoft to everything/iphones and started developing enterprise mobile apps.

My current active interests include iPhone apps development, virtual reality,  electronics, IoT, robotics and some new product development (combining a few of them). I am a big fan of the Maker movement and STEM initiatives. 

Check out my blog posts on some of my projects when you have a chance!

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